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"Mindfulness is the willingness to be equally near all events and experiences - both inwardly and outwardly - with discernment, kindness and insight. It is a capacity."  Christina Feldman

There are many reasons why you might find yourself here. The pressure of the many different and competing demands in our lives can soon become overwhelming when we deny quiet restful time for ourselves. We can lose sight of what nurtures us and this can affect our physical and mental health, how we feel about ourselves, the people and the world around us. When in the midst of life's challenges, we often need extra support in allowing some self-care, to slow down and create space to acknowledge what is needed right now.

​​I offer weekly after work drop-in sessions in Chagford, Dartmoor as well as 8-week group courses for adults who would like the opportunity to enjoy any or all of the benefits below:

  • Develop the ability to respond to stressful situations more effectively

  • Approach life with more ease, understanding, energy and enthusiasm

  • Improve focus, resilience and capacity to recover more quickly from challenging events

  • Cultivate self-empathy and empathy for others

  • Be supported in cultivating a regular, ongoing practice

  • Be part of a live group or have 1-1 face to face sessions


The evidence base for the practice of mindfulness as a positive effect on the mind, brain, body, behaviour and relationships is well established.

​​​The 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction course is endorsed by the Mental Health Foundation.

Get in touch at cat@mindfuldevon.co.uk




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