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"I love sharing this mindfulness-based approach which gave me so much as a former participant. With the support of the group this very practical and well-structured course provides a safe, nurturing space to explore what keeps us in unhelpful habitual patterns and provides the tools to a different approach. I find it so empowering to learn how I relate to the many stressors in life and that, working with the practices, I can choose to meet them differently. My aim is to provide this opportunity for all participants."

Cat Large, based in North East Dartmoor, has been facilitating courses since 2015 throughout Devon. She completed her Level 1 and 2 training with the University of Exeter from where she also received her Certificate in Teaching Mindfulness-based Approaches. She undertook training on the delivery of 'Finding Peace in A Frantic World' course, with Chris Cullen, founder of Mindfulness in Schools Project.

She has regular supervision, as per the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teachers' Good Practice Guidelines and is a member of Exeter's monthly Supporting Integrity in Teaching and Training (SiTT) Group.  She has a daily practice, having been first introduced to meditation in 1988. Cat regularly attends a local meditation group as well as silent retreats to support her personal and teaching practice.

Currently undertaking training to become an BACP registered Counsellor, she is attending the Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling at Iron Mill College, Exeter.

Prior to becoming a mindfulness trainer, Cat worked in development for nearly 20 years for numerous arts, charity and higher education organisations. She enjoys singing, drawing, writing and learning how to grow food.


What participants have said:

‘The mindfulness course with Cat was exactly what I needed. Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and not sleeping well, I felt a definite improvement over the course and everything became easier. The course was a very safe space to share and to be with one another and we learnt different techniques. Highly recommended!’ 

'The sessions were very clear. A patient and supportive teacher, Cat shares a genuine enthusiasm for the benefits of practising mindfulness.'


'Having attended one of Cat’s first courses a few years ago, I wouldn’t hesitate to take the course again as it was so rich and full of ideas, exercises and ways to look at yourself, others, and the way we interact together. 

Cat is an incredibly sensitive and professional facilitator and I found myself wanting to do the practises and exercises between classes. The course was a really good introduction to mindfulness but equally would be a good refresher. It could also support those who are having a current difficulty in their lives. We were given very useful handouts at every session and I still refer to them now. Going to this course enhanced and improved my meditation practice and gave me many insights. I would definitely recommend it.'

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