Mindfulness Course in 2019 in Dartmoor and Devon

8-Week course


The next course will start in February 2020 in Exeter, date and venue tbc.


Group courses are offered for up to 12 people. A minimum of 6 participants is required for the group course.

For the benefit of the group learning environment you are asked to attend a minimum of 6 out of the 8 sessions. Ideally you will be able to commit to all 8, as each session builds on the last.

During the course you will be guided in a variety of mindfulness meditation practices. Focus will be on breath and connection to the body, as well as bringing mindful awareness into the everyday activities of life. This will be supported by facilitated dialogue in the sessions, the guidance of audio-recorded home practice and written handouts.

We will be seated on chairs for sitting meditation, and there will also be some standing, lying down, walking and gentle movement exercises. The practices are designed to help cultivate awareness of body sensations, emotions, moods and thoughts, particularly during times of stress. Cultivating present moment awareness, together with developing empathy for ourselves and the world around us, can support us in responding appropriately to the stressors in our lives, to become more receptive to life and alive to what supports and nurtures us.

The sessions are offered as enjoyable classes rather than therapy. Focus will be guided towards how we relate to stress rather than the details of any specific events themselves. However, in the first session some time will be dedicated to creating a safe, respectful and comfortable space for all participants.

Who is the course for?

Whether you are experiencing some level of stress, anxiety, lack of energy, low mood or physical pain or would simply like to learn new skills in a supportive group environment you are welcome.

Self-care is really key. So do think carefully if this is the right time and right course for you. For instance if you have recently suffered trauma or a difficult bereavement it might be best to wait for a later date when you may feel more comfortable in participating in a group course. If you're unsure then note this in your registration and we can talk this through.


Future group courses will be held in Exeter and Okehampton.


£260 supporting; £220 standard; £180 supported

Registration process?

Email me at cat@mindfuldevon.co.uk requesting a registration form.
On receipt of form, you will receive payment details to confirm your booking.

Bookings for this course can be taken up to 14 January 2020.

What to bring and wear?

  • a mat to lie on

  • a cushion to support your head when lying down

  • blanket/shawl/thick socks to ensure you are warm and comfortable

  • layered unrestrictive clothing is recommended, in case the room is too chilly or warm for you

  • a pen and journal (optional)