The 8 Week Course

Monday morning and Thursday evening online courses starting September 2022 

will be bookable soon. 

There are many reasons why you might find yourself here. The pressure of the many different and competing demands in our lives can soon become overwhelming when we deny quiet restful time for ourselves. When we can lose sight of what nurtures us, this can affect how we feel about ourselves, the people and the world around us. When in the midst of life's challenges, we often need support to take a step back and take a space to remember what sustains us.

This course is for adults who would like to:

  • Develop the capacity to respond to stressful situations more effectively

  • Approach life with more ease, understanding, energy and enthusiasm

  • Improve focus, resilience and capacity to recover more quickly from challenging events

  • Cultivate self-empathy and empathy for others

  • Be supported in cultivating a regular, ongoing practice

  • Experience the course as part of an online group OR

  • Experience the course on a one to one basis, in person


"Mindfulness is the willingness to be equally near all events and experiences - both inwardly and outwardly - with discernment, kindness and insight. It is a capacity."  Christina Feldman


And it is a capacity each one of us can develop, if we give it time. Starting with some physical grounding warmups, you will be guided in a variety of mindfulness meditation practices. Focus will be on breath and connection to the body, as well as bringing mindful awareness into the everyday activities of life. There will be some simple exercises with pen and paper. 

We will be seated on chairs or cushions for sitting meditation, and there will also be some standing, lying down, walking and gentle movement exercises. The practices are designed to help cultivate awareness of body sensations, emotions, moods and thoughts, particularly during times of stress. With self-compassion, we can learn to cultivate curiosity in what challenges us. This in turn helps us to become alive to what nurtures and sustains us.

Focus will be guided towards how we relate to stress rather than the details of any specific events themselves. However, in the first session some time will be dedicated to creating a safe, respectful and comfortable space for all participants.


Session 1 - From autopilot to embodied presence - starting to connect with body and breath

Session 2 - Understanding our habitual attitudes and their influence on perception - from self-critic to self-compassion

Session 3 - How do we experience what is pleasant? Cultivating curiosity in the everyday activities of life

Session 4 - How do we meet what challenges us? Learning about our habitual patterns.

Session 5 -  Exploring the differing impacts of automatic reactivity and considered responding.

Session 6 -  How may a mindful approach serve our external relationships? Befriending our challenges.

Session 7 -  Cultivating kindness - what to let go of and what to nurture?

Session 8 -  A new beginning - keeping mindfulness alive and sustaining your practice

To get the best from the course you will be able to commit to all 8 consecutive sessions, as each session builds on the last. Home practice will be given after each session, to be discussed the following week. There is also lots of room for humour and I encourage you to bring this with you too! 

​Who is the course for?

Adults. Whether you are experiencing some level of stress, anxiety or low mood or would like to learn new skills in a supportive environment or refresh an existing practice, you are welcome. 

Self-care is really key. So do think carefully if this is the right time and right course for you. If you're unsure then note this in your registration and we can talk this through at our initial one to one chat.


Online, via Zoom or in person at my home in Moretonhampstead. If attending in person, I ask that you do a Covid-19 lateral flow test before attending each session and show me a photo of the negative result on arrival. 


Monday morning and Thursday evening online courses starting September 2022 will be bookable soon. 

Course Costs?


Online group £160 (based on £20 for each 2 hour session of a minimum group of 8)
Online or in person one to one £360 (based on £45 for each 1.5 hour session)

During the sessions I recommend having access to

  • a private warm room where you will not be distracted

  • matt/blanket/shawl/thick socks to ensure you are warm and comfortable

  • layered unrestrictive clothing 

  • a pen and journal (optional)